HoustoN NexuS

Welcome to Nexus!

Nexus qualifiers are Cardfight!! Vanguard Standard Format tournaments where players compete to earn cash and invites into an end of year championship known as the Nexus Championship. Participants are expected to be fully prepared to deliver great sportsmanship during the event.


Pre Register!

Nexus qualifiers will offer pre registration for each event!
There will be 6 events throughout the year before the final championship! So stay tuned for more dates to come!

Your Pre Registration is only completed when the form is filled out will ALL the required information AND you have made your entry payment!


PreparinG FoR NexuS

There are a lot of things you should do to make sure you are prepared before heading to the tournament. Read over the list of things you will need for the tournament, and make sure you have everything. This could mean that you are pre-registered and have submitted a deck list via the Bushinav App. That you of course brought your deck and have them sleeved in sleeves that will pass a deck check if need be. We have a one backpack per person rule at our events and you’ll have a better time at the event if you don’t have too many bulky or heavy possessions to carry around. Think ahead while you are planning what to bring with you.


When you compete in a Nexus Qualifier tournament, you’ll be held to high standards of play and sportsmanship. You should know how the cards in your Deck work, and should take great care to prepare your Deck, sleeves, and Deck List. Participants must pay attention to information from judges and/or tournament staff in order to understand what is going on. If participants have questions about the event either beforehand or while they are there, they should check with the Tournament Organizer. Participants are expected to know and understand the information provided in the above policies and guidelines while at a Nexus Qualifier or Nexus Championship

Official FAQ Page

Make sure you are prepared by reading over our official faq document!
All the information for the qualifier can be found here.